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What our clients say:


“Helen Corrigan from Healthie has facilitated a number of sessions at Foróige’s Be Healthy, Be Happy programme training in Dublin, Cork and Galway since January 2014 on the importance of nutrition to mental health. Her knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate input has impressed staff and volunteers working with young people. In a very short space of time Helen manages to spark interest and motivation in people to make small changes in order to be healthier, happier and therefore more effective in dealing with life’s daily challenges. Helen’s down to earth approachable style explaining complex nutritional information helps participants connect with the issue in a personal and meaningful way. Helen is lovely to work with and we really appreciate her investment and input into our training to date.”

Ger McHugh, Drugs Prevention Officer, Foroige, June 2014

“In July 2014 I attended a staff training course, Helen Corrigan from Healthie was facilitating part of the training, I was so impressed with Helen and the contents of the information she was sharing with the group, I invited her to Cork to speak to some of our volunteer youth leaders. The feedback which I have received from the attending group was that they all found Helen to be motivational, and knowledgeable in the field of health and nutrition, they were greatly impressed with the advice and information they learned from Helen during the course of the day. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Helen Corrigan from Healthie, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Geraldine Murphy, Regional Youth Officer, Foroige, November 2014

“Content, tips, presentation were pitched perfectly – scientific information balanced with the reality of implementing healthy options in everyday life. Plenty of opportunity to bounce ideas and experiences with fellow participants.”

Niamh, New Year’s Resolutions Seminar Attendee, January 2015

“The workshop was informative but in an inviting, casual way. I learned a lot of tips and techniques. I love the idea of Healthie and hope to attend more events/workshops.”

Tina, New Year’s Resolutions Seminar Attendee, January 2015

“Really excited for the next workshop. This was great. I’m so motivated and already scaling back my resolutions to make them more achievable.”

Rachel, New Year’s Resolutions Seminar Attendee, January 2015

“Excellent seminar – practical tips and approaches for making a lasting change for better energy and health. Thank you!”

Mark, New Year’s Resolutions Seminar Attendee, January 2015