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Corporate Wellness Programmes

Companies around Ireland lose millions every day due to sick leave, with back pain and stress cited as the main reasons for sick leave. Healthie‚Äôs corporate seminars help reduce these lost hours and raise productivity levels. We offer the most up to date, evidence based interventions to maximise employee health and boost morale. Our services are not standard one-off talks —we deliver tailored programmes specifically developed for the needs of the organisation and its staff.

Our social enterprise model enables the organisation to achieve its health promoting corporate social responsibility aims, not only by supporting the health of its employees, but also by choosing a social enterprise that reinvests the profits of such services into providing similar services for community and charity groups in need.

Please contact us for more information on how Healthie can make your workplace happier and healthier.


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Public Wellness Initiatives

Our public wellness initiatives offer three main services to the wider community:

1. Health and Wellness Events: Providing inspiration and support on how to improve your health and lifestyle.
2. Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindfulness Programmes: Comprehensive support for health goal achievement and positive change.
3. Individual Consultations & Health Coaching Sessions: Effective personalised support.

If you would like to know more on how Healthie can help you or your community group, please get in touch.


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Community & Charity Health Promoting Services

Our community and charity wellness initiatives provide similar services to those we provide for corporate and general public clients. They are also tailored to the particular needs of these groups and are provided at a lower or no cost where necessary and possible. Requests for such reduced rates are assessed on an individual basis and are dependent on the funding and/or resources available. We endeavour to provide as much support as possible to these clients, who are often in particular need, but with limited access to the necessary resources.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about Healthie’s voluntary services.